In most popular demand with our customers is natural canned fish with oil addition.  This is a traditional ready to eat product which makes a quick cold snack, sandwich or salad.

Back again into our production range is canned blanched fish in oil, which have always been very popular with the customers, especially such fishes as mackerel, sardine, and tuna fish.

Those who like hot snacks, will enjoy "Appetitnaya" natural canned fish with aromatized oil addition. This canned fish is hot owning to red hot pepper, tomato paste, onion and spicery.

Tempting hot flavour of "Aromatnaya" natural canned fish with aromatized oil addition is achieved by using dill oil and red hot pepper.

Canned fish in tomato sauce and canned fish in tomato sauce with vegetables are particularly notable among all other varieties of canned fish. They can be served with potatoes (fried, boiled or mashed). This is a ready to eat dish.

Curing by smoke gives the products special delicious flavour and makes their taste and appearance better. The Cannery's specialists have recently developed and launched production of new variety canned slightly smoked fish, that quickly became popular with the customers. Such canned fish is perfect for making sandwiches as well as main dishes.

The Cannery's specialists keep working on improvement and implementation of new production procedures and modern equipment with a view to achieve better quality of products and higher output.

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