Mamonovsky Fish Cannery was founded on January 12, 1949 on the basis of the fish  receiving unit facilities. The unit produced and canned sprats from Kaliningrad bay in brine and spiced brine. The Cannery is located in the Kaliningrad region, which is the westernmost part of Russia.

Since that time, all the production facilities in the Cannery's workshops and production areas have been re-equipped and modernized. The Cannery has built a recreation centre for its employees.

 The laboratory of the Cannery has been renovated and re-equipped in order to improve quality control in production.

Lately the canning shop (sprats line) undergone major overhaul and was re-equipped with new machines from Germany, Italy, Great Britain and France. With this technically advance  high-performance equipment the production output of the Cannery considerably increased.

Fish cans produced by the Mamonovsky Fish Cannery were more than once awarded diplomas for their excellent quality at various exhibitions. Nowadays consumers become more demanding and seek more quality guarantees and more delicious taste of canned fish. That is why the Cannery not only continuously introduces new products but also develops and implements new production processes, brings into use modern equipment aiming at improvement of canned fish quality and increase in output.

Our product range today includes 35 varieties of canned fish. We continuously develop and introduce into production new products. In the nearest future, it is planned to launch production of canned fish in jelly and fish stew.

It is beyond doubt, that the canned fish produced by Mamonovsky fish cannery will remain popular with consumers for a long time as these products deserve recognition for their perfect taste and easiness and convenience in serving up.

Our company is seeking for the extension of our business relations with fish exporters all over the world.

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